For the past 13 years The Map has become the most recognizable and successful map in Beaufort and the surrounding Islands.

The Map is illustrated with the same charm you come to expect from visiting our Historic Area. The first illustration of The Map was in 1988!

The Map provides you with the 'lay of the land', making navigation of the area easy. We are string of barrier islands, often referred to a as a strand of pearls.

Beaufort, Port Royal, and the Islands is a place where History and People get together. The National Landmark District, reflects over 300 years of preservation. Landmarks and Historical Sites are identified and located on the map. Drive, stroll, and learn.

Enjoy the extraordinary shops, restaurants, and lodging. Their locations and contact information can be found on The Map. Take a peek, taste, relax and imbibe. Chat with our shopkeepers, they are the voice of our community and know the 'scoop'.


I first moved to Beaufort 3 years ago. The Town reached me with it's charm and friendliness. Looking for a change...I made the big move. Little did I know; there is so much more here.


Finding Beaufort, Port Royal and the Islands has been like unwrapping a gift slowly; an ongoing field trip. With the umpteen friends and family that have come to visit, "You REALLY need a map!" was the echo over and over by my quests. The Mapthat brought it ALL together; the topography of the area, the Historical Site locations, and the locations and contact information of all the wonderful shops, restaurants, and lodging. The Map is easy to use.

The Map is artistitcally illustrated with charm and flair that is unique to the area. Enjoy Beaufort, Port Royal, and the Islands; explore, dine, play and stay. Discover all of her nooks and crannies!

Please let me know your experience!

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